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World Back Up Day!

Don’t be an April Fool! Back up your data!

Today is World Back Up day; a whole day dedicated to encouraging individuals and businesses alike to back up their devices. With so much of our day to day activities being carried out on IT systems, the risk posed by damage or loss of data is huge. Many organisations only have one copy of contacts, accounts, documents and records. How would your business cope if this information was not accessible?

Data backup is absolutely essential to all businesses, yet unfortunately, largely neglected. To ‘back up’ your data means to make a copy and store it in a different location that is independently accessible should your original become compromised. You can use more than one back up location, but all should be secure and updated regularly.

Data can be lost or damaged through any number of circumstances. Natural disaster, error, theft, technical failures and viruses to name a few. If your data is only saved to one location, such as a local drive, restoration or recovery would be lengthy and time consuming.

For personal use and small businesses a USB, or memory stick, could suffice. This is quick and cheap and allows files to be transferred immediately onto a portable device. However, the small sticks are easily lost or damaged and at times unreliable, so not ideal for highly confidential data.

Backing up data online is now a popular option for SME’s. Paying a monthly fee allows you to select the data you wish to back up and have it transferred to a high security data centre where it can then be restored at the click of a mouse on demand. Automation eliminates the risk of human error or intervention. Internet connection is required for this method.

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