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About us

Ansaback is more than just a UK call centre operating 24/7/365; we are a customer experience company with real industry and functional expertise.

Ansaback is a call centre established in 1998 at the heart of the era, with communications and technology as its core. We are both an inbound and outbound call centre providing outsourced centre services. We have evolved over 15 years to a company that prides itself on recruiting, training and retaining the best people, constant use of innovation, best use of technology and a fantastic range of long standing clients.
Our first objective is to add value to our customers business and put them at the centre of our world. We do this best when we achieve excellence through consistently high-quality contact centre services aligned with our clients’ needs.

Our People

Great people deliver great experiences. It’s almost as simple as that, but clearly, they need the full support of the entire business to be great.

We have over 250 employed staff,  350 retained operators and a further 90 contracted operators.  Their support comes from extensive training and a working environment they enjoy, along with contact access through the best systems. Additionally, all staff are engaged in the running of the business with regular feedback and working parties to continuously improve processes, systems and the business as a whole. We are proud to be called and accredited as ‘Investors in people’,

We have a dedicated and long-standing executive management team that includes founding directors and shareholders working day-to-day to achieve our mission. Our structure is designed to support frontline staff with everything they need to deliver great experiences on our clients’ behalf.

Our Clients

Our customers trust us to interact with their most precious assets, their customers.  Too much of the consumer world, Ansaback just does not exist as we seamlessly morph into our client’s brands and deliver their brand promise hundreds of times a day. It is here where a designed customer experience coupled with great people gives clients complete confidence in our expert abilities.

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Why Ansaback?
  • A powerful extension of your business
  • Great people, delivering great experiences
  • Making every contact count
Our People
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