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Ansaback Instant Go Live Service FAQ 


  1. What is this service?

The Ansaback Instant Go Live service is a prepaid service paid by credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We offer a one-month free trial giving you up to 30 calls and messages free. You may buy additional call credits if you think you will need more than this during the month (see also question 10).  At the end of the one-month free trial, you may cancel or continue the service.


  1. Is the one-month free trial free?

To create your account, we need to validate your payment card by pre-authorising a 1p payment to confirm your payment details (This amount will not be taken from your account).

If you do not cancel your trial before the end of your one-month free period, your service will activate, and your payment card will be debited the standard monthly fee and each month after that.

Free trials are limited to one trial per customer.


  1. How do I set up the service?

Call our friendly UK based team on 0800 088 7878for 24/7/365 support and guidance in creating your personalised answering service.


  1. How quickly is the service set live, ready to take calls?

Your personal answering service is operational before you finish the call when you activate the service. All you need to do is to forward your calls to the personal telephone number you are provided with by our advisor. You should forward all calls to this telephone number but must not publish this number. (You will need to speak to your telephony provider if you are unsure how to forward your calls).


  1. What is the minimum length contract?

There is no minimum contract length, and you can cancel at any time by calling our UK call centre on 0800 088 7878.  We are open 24/7/365.  But note that any remaining subscription message allowance or message top up credits are non-refundable.


  1. How do I pay for the service?

The Ansaback Instant Go Live service is a prepaid service paid by credit or debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Monthly payments will be debited from your card on the monthly anniversary of your sign up date or on the last day of the next billing month if unavailable.

 e.g.  If your sign up date was 31/01 the next payment will be taken on 28/02 followed by 31/03

To ensure the continuation of service, we may also need to take payments earlier if the monthly payment date falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday.


  1. What happens if my payment fails?

If you reach the end of a monthly subscription, and our system is not able to take a payment from your nominated payment account, your service will be suspended, and you will be sent a notification by email.  You will be able to reactivate your service by calling our advisors and providing us with new payment details.


  1. What happens if I use all my monthly message allowance?

If you reach your message quota limit, the service will cease to operate and any call forwarded to your personal number will receive a “not in service “notification.   You will be given notice of your message allowance status in every message you receive from our system so you can top up in advance.


  1. How do I top up my service?

You can call our UK call centre at any time on 0800 088 7878 and talk to one of our advisors who can help you top up your message credits. We are open 24/7/365.


  1. Free trial top up – can I top up my message allowance during the one-month free trial?

Your free trial will allow you to receive a maximum of 30 messages. If you want the service to continue to operate once you reach this limit during the trial month, you will need to top up your message allowance by purchasing top up credits. The pricing is as follows:

Top Up Credits:

10 calls & Messages        = £10 + vat

20 calls & Messages        = £20 + vat

30 calls & Messages        = £30 +vat

50 calls & Messages        = £50 +vat

100 calls & Messages      = £100 +vat

Should you decide not to continue after the one-month free trial, there will be no refund of any unused top up calls.


  1. What is the extent of the information you capture in a message?

Our advisors will greet your caller using the greeting you select and then take the caller’s name, company name, telephone number and a message up to 200 characters long. Any message that is sent to your mobile phone in the form of a text message will be truncated to your mobile telephony service provider’s text message limit.


  1. How will I know the content of any calls?

The call information will be sent to you by email and text at the end of each call using the details you provided in the service set up. You may have call information sent to up to 3 email addresses, and the text message will be forwarded to 1 mobile number.


  1. Can I have input into the tone of my calls?

We cannot customise the approach of individual calls outside of the message you ask us to deliver.  All our staff will answer your call in a professional and efficient manner.


  1. How can I trust your team to represent my brand?

Ansaback employs a highly experienced team who have been operating messaging services since 1998. Our expertise in this area ensures the quality of service your callers will experience.


  1. How do I make changes to the greeting and update my contact info?

You can make changes to your greeting or update your account information by calling our advisors on 0800 088 7878; we are open 24/7/365.


  1. Are my calls recorded?

Calls are recorded for training purposes only and are not available as part of this service.


  1. How will I know when further actions are required by me?

If we need your input to manage your account, we will send you a notification by email and text message.


  1. What languages is Instant Go Live available?

Our service only operates using the English language.


  1. Can I add further functions to this service?

We are continually improving our services, and the Ansaback Instant Go Live Service will evolve over time. Whenever we release further features to the service, we will inform you by text message and email.


  1. Do you have a website?

All information regarding the Ansaback Instant Go Live service is available at


Service Costs


Monthly Recurring Package of 30 inbound calls & 30 outbound messages @ £30 + vat

Top Up Credits

10 calls & Messages                        = £10 + vat

20 calls & Messages                        = £20 + vat

30 calls & Messages                        = £30 +vat

50 calls & Messages                        = £50 +vat

100 calls & Messages                      = £100 +vat




Payment is taken by debit or credit card.

The balance of any unused messages from the monthly subscription is not carried forward to the new month. The balance is reset to 30 when further payment has been automatically collected.

Top up credits do not expire at the time of monthly renewal and will roll over to following months.

Should the call balance fall to ZERO, the service will be unavailable until the next monthly payment is taken or the Customer calls in to buy top up credits.


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