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UK Call Centre workers are corporate glue

Call Centre workers are often believed to be a bunch of school leavers who simply answer calls and man the phones; however the reality is that today, call centre agents are the glue that holds these businesses together.

Call centre agents can nowadays spend their time answering complex queries and dealing with customer complaints. So for businesses, this means that call centre agents are often the first point of call for businesses, and as such are responsible for portraying the corporate image and reputational standards of the company they represent.  Agents have to be intelligent, smart, able to think on their feet and capable of understanding a wide array of potential problems.

Recent studies have illustrated that many university graduates are actually answering phones in call centres. Whilst it may not be surprising that in the current economic climate 43% of graduates are applying for call centre positions, it is interesting that these graduates are seizing the benefits offered by call centres in terms of the unparalleled training and career developments being offered.

Ansaback call centre agents do a tough, skilled job and we appreciate all of the hard work they put into ensuring they answer our customer telephone calls professionally and efficiently.

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