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UK Average Broadband Increases to 14.7 mpbs

The Internet Services’ Providers Association (ISPA) welcomes Ofcom’s new research which shows the UK has the highest average broadband speed ever recorded. In their research, Ofcom found that the average fixed-line residential speed was 14.7 megabits per seconds, enough for 4 devices to be watching HD video at once, with enough bandwidth left over for normal browsing. This is 22% higher than in the previous 6 months and 64% higher than the year before. ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman said “ISPA members are doing a great job of bringing higher speeds to more people. In a tough economy, broadband is still by far the cheapest utility for consumers, with hundreds of ISPs across the country bringing value to customers in a very healthy marketplace.”

With the continual growth of broadband usage, Ansaback’s telecoms division – Fault Solutions 365 –  is well placed to offer 24/7 call centre support solutions to ISP’s and telecoms providers.

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