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How do you train empowerment among your advisors?


The truth is, you can’t. You need to lead by example. The right attitude should come from the top. Are you wondering why you have a high staff turnover? Have you looked at the senior management and the way they interact (or don’t) with the workforce? Or what your organisation is lacking compared with your competitors? It is time to stop burying our heads in the sand and wake up and smell the coffee. Or fresh fruit smoothie or Friday afternoon pizzas.


One of the most obvious techniques to empower your staff is by reward. It might be smoothies and pastries the morning after a new campaign launch or pizzas on pay day. But the best type of reward is giving out more responsibility. If your team leader has shown great leadership skills and kept a project on track, reward them by making them a deputy supervisor, covering absent supervisors and showing them that they are appreciated and their skills are acknowledged.


We all know that staff churn can be high in the contact centre industry. This is for many reasons, but one that tempts even the most loyal and happy of Advisors is the promise of career progression. This magic phrase had turned many a head as people aspire to develop their skills and opportunities. Offering promotions internally before taking the vacancy to the external audience is a great way to find talent and enthusiasm within your business where you might have missed it. Another idea is to hold ‘work experience’ weeks where staff from different departments can shadow a colleague to gain an insight into the different functions of the business. This helps employees to understand how the organisation operates as a whole and often identifies talent which can be applied in other areas.

Monthly meetings

Ensuring that all the staff understand the organisation’s vision, values and strategy are critical. Communicate these messages in open monthly meetings and circulate the content of these meetings for those that cannot attend. Make the meetings friendly and open so employees can engage and get to know one another, especially if your company is large and there is little interaction between C-level staff and Customer Care Advisors.


Remember Class Reps from your school days? Bring in a similar scheme with each department having nominated representatives that can put forward the team’s views in monthly meetings held with a member of the senior management team. This will raise issues which otherwise may not be brought to the table and gives responsibility to individuals, showing them how important they are to the business. Ambassadors or reps discuss everything from parking issues, charity events and replacement of equipment. Knowing that you have a voice is so important in any organisation.

Exit interviews

If money or prospects is not an employee’s reason for leaving your business, you can take a good bet that it will be down to the people. Carry out exit interviews with your staff to identify why they are moving on and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Ignoring it will lose you your best people and damage your reputation.


The key is to remember that your organisation is a big machine with many cogs, each of which is as important as the next. Be sure to take care of all your cogs by involving staff from all areas of the business and having clear lines of communication throughout.


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Posted on February 8, 2017 @ 4:48 pm by Ansaback


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