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Thank Goodness January Is Over

January always seems to be the longest month. Financially it definitely seems as many people these days get paid the weekend before Christmas which at the time seems like a great idea, but when you get to week 4 after being paid it soon becomes clear that you overspent during the Christmas period at which point you get the horrible realisation that you need to live off dust for the remaining week prior to pay day. People are also trying to stick to New Year’s Resolutions by giving up certain things they love, which again makes January that little bit harder by making it seem to drag as we all look forward to the first of February to divulge in the vice that we have been keeping away from!

February is normally considered the last month of winter and I’m sure many people are going to glad to see the last of the dark evenings and stormy weather that plights us during the deep winter months. We can already notice the days getting longer by the fact it is still light at half past 4 (well, in Ipswich anyway) which seems to make everything that little bit better!

Businesses across the nation will be giving a sigh of relief as the worst of the weather is now behind us. We have mentioned in our previous posts at how crippling bad weather can be to a company if they are not prepared for the worst. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that because we are now in February, that the weather of January is nothing but a bad memory- it can change and if the right precautions are not taken, your business will suffer.

Now January is spent catching up with work so now that it is February, let it be the month of new beginnings and ideas by looking at ways to avoid scenarios such as that of the January weather and look at business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to ensure you will not be affected in the event of unexpected weather. Ansaback 24/7 contact centre has a range of solutions that can be adapted to the needs of any organisation so get in contact now to see how we can help!

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