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Tailor made telephone answering services

Having bespoke tailor made telephone answering service can provide your business with a competitive edge – helping ensure you provide high call handling services even at peak times of business productivity.


UK Call Centre Ansaback can create a telephone answering package to suit your requirements, this could be as simple as a general message taking facility, dealing with customer queries and complaints or even arranging emergency call outs.


A telephone answering service could be your virtual PA; when you can’t answer your calls, they could be diverted to one of our specialist call handling agents to take the call on your behalf. Your message can then be either text, called or emailed through to you at your request. The virtual PA service removes the need for answering machines, which often evokes callers to hang up plus a virtual PA ensures you never miss a business lead.


Furthermore, as a bespoke business services bureau, Ansaback can provide a full range of other services, including order line facilities with upselling capabilities, charity donation lines, marketing response and brochure request services, ticket hotline telephone answering services and disaster recovery lines. Our highly trained agents are on hand 34/7, 365 days a year and are ready to help you – whether it is to cover staff sickness or even holiday breaks. Whatever the requirement we guarantee that our technology, staff and know-how will help your business succeed.


Remember, a real person answering your calls can help your business prosper through portraying a professional, friendly and approachable image to your customers.

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