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How do you train empowerment among your advisors?

The truth is, you can’t. You need to lead by example. The right attitude should come from the top. Are you wondering why you have a high staff turnover? Have you looked at the senior management and the way they interact (or don’t) with the workforce? Or what your organisation is lacking compared with your…

Introducing Kerry Howe

Name : Kerry Louise Howe Nickname:  Kez, or Smiley Job role: Customer Experience Manager Start date: 01-11-16 Kerry joined the CX team at the beginning of the month, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge from her previous roles as Trading and Services Department Manager for Sainsbury’s and Front End Services Manager for Marriot. What…

Financial Team Expands as a Result of Business Growth

You have probably heard by now that IPPlus (UK) Ltd has been acquired by the Direct Response Group Ltd, along with GoResponse. If you haven’t, check out the press release to get the low down. The first couple of months have been an incredibly fun, exciting and busy transition period. If you know Chris Robinson…

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Bringing Advisors and Customers Together

October 30, 2017
Empower your advisors and give them the confidence to engage with the customer. When customers call into a contact centre, they are expecting a...
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