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Focus on Christian Pawsey

Name: Christian Pawsey Aka: None (that I know of!). Job Title: Contact Centres CEO Time in the company: 9 yrs. Joined 1st May 2008, which was the 10th anniversary of Ansaback. Big celebrations! What does your job entail day to day?┬áMorning team meeting, then onto the list of jobs which usually grows through the day…

Why is outsourcing your customer service a taboo?

As a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) servicing over 400 clients in a variety of capacities, we have become experts in providing bespoke and personalised professional services. However, we have many clients who prefer to keep their outsourcing activities discreet, this has long been the case in our industry, but as customers become more aware of…

Game-changing name-changes

Why the terminology of the past is giving way to the buzzwords of the future Those of you that have been in the communications industry a while will have seen a significant change in the terminology used over the years. Like the celebrities featured in the image, some phrases have been refreshed for aesthetic purposes;…

Creating a Fun Contact Centre Environment

Here at Ansaback we like to make work as enjoyable as possible, after all we spend a large amount of time at work. Our recent updates to the Contact Centre floor have made the surroundings of our work space more personal and homely. Here are some ideas that might inspire you!   Our welcoming reception…

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Bringing Advisors and Customers Together

October 30, 2017
Empower your advisors and give them the confidence to engage with the customer. When customers call into a contact centre, they are expecting a...
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