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More Snow? Are you prepared for the disruption?

According to a recent article in Management Today, some 77% of UK businesses have been adversely affected by the snow and frost, costing firms an average of £52,000, with some of these businesses losing up to £1 million because of business closures and also failures in their supply chains. Management Today went on to say that businesses are being affected by ‘extreme weather’ as never before, a decade ago, according to reports, just 15% of businesses were affected by unseasonably chilly conditions, rising to 29% five years ago and 49% last year.

Ann Francke, chief executive of CMI, said in the article  ‘Snow in the UK is hardly unusual – yet too many businesses are allowing it to hit them hard. The results are clear – your business will cope better and recover faster if you plan ahead. Managers that don’t are left counting the cost in lost business, damage to customer trust and reputation. More businesses are using business continuity management, but too many are shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted’. With the recent snow alone costing organisations an average of over £52,000, those that do prepare have a competitive advantage.

There are various solution in the market that have been created for this very purpose.

To help minimise disruption in the event of a disaster, Ansaback (part of IPPLUS PLC) has developed a comprehensive range of 24/7 business continuity solutions designed to satisfy individual requirements and ensure minimal disruption to your business operations. Whether it is as simple as call handling whilst your staff are unable to answer calls or full DR services which include providing fully functional workplace for your employees, Ansaback could be exactly what you need. For further information please contact Toni Vincent-Panich on 0844 544 6850.

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