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It’s Snow Joke

Over the past week, businesses up and down the UK have felt the wrath of the treacherous conditions brought on by the heavy snow falls. The snow made it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep staffing levels up and many fell by the wayside with office closures and a lack of staff.

The financial implications brought on by the snow can sometime be crippling especially if you rely on having staff answering phones and taking orders. Here at Ansaback, it is our job to ensure a continued service 24/7 for all of our clients regardless of the weather to make sure they can continue to operate even if they are not in their own offices.

You will have seen the previous post regarding our 4×4’s that make an appearance when the weather is bad. We use the two vehicles to collect call handling agents and key personnel to keep our contact centre running smoothly. The back office staff at Ansaback are more than happy to take shifts in playing chauffer to the agents and everybody gets stuck in!

The Ansabus was utilised to its full potential during the past weekend with multiple journeys in and around the Ipswich area collecting agents who live in rural locations or, who are unable to drive their own vehicles. Some staff here at the 24/7 call centre believe the vehicles may be needed again with the looming threat of a heavy snowfall tonight.

With our intelligent call forecasting systems and a watchful eye on the weather reports we can stay alert and ensure we can react quickly and efficiently and staff our call centre appropriately to continuously be the extension to all of our clients businesses.


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