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Silent Calls….not from Ansaback

The phone rings at home or on your mobile and after a massive rush to find the handheld you answer and there is no-one there. These ‘silent calls’ are at best irritating and at worst can be frightening to those living alone and feeling vulnerable. In a week where Ofcom fined a company £750,000 for an excessive number of silent calls it is worth knowing that there are alternatives that companies can use that ensure silent calls never happen.
Ansaback the 24/7/365 outsource contact centre based in Ipswich has built its business over the last 15 years on ensuring our clients customers can talk to live agents and get what they need when they need it so silent calls do not work to that ethic.

Contact centres use automatic diallers increase productivity and generate as many calls as possible to potential or existing customers.  The diallers generate an outbound call in queues and sometimes the call is answered without an agent being ready or available to manage the call. The call is then ‘silent’. Ofcom recognises the uses of these diallers gives businesses an opportunity to improve their productivity and allows 3% of all calls to be ‘silent’ but also guides them to make sure a message is left with the name of the caller and a telephone number is presented to allow the customer to call back.

Ansaback works with automated dialler technology to be as efficient as possible but uses a ‘progressive dialler that never allows a ‘silent-call’ and makes sure there is a fully trained, experienced and friendly agent to make the contact.  It does this by presenting our agents with options, asks them if they are ready and then they take control of the call.

Diallers are great tools but they should not control the call, we leave that to trained and skilled agents that can give a good experience to customers on behalf of our clients.

For more information on Ofcom and guidance on Abandoned or Silent Calls please follow this link:


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