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Royal Horticultural Society

IPPlus has for the last two years delivered great results for one of the world’s leading horticultural organisations and the UK’s leading gardening charity, with a continuous outbound programme to deliver additional ongoing revenue.

As a charity, RHS depends on the support and generosity of the public to make a difference. The activities are funded through members’ subscriptions as well as donations, sponsorship and income from the gardens, flower shows, shops and plant centres.

Programme Objectives

RHS engaged Ansaback to contact previous visitors to their gardens and convince them to gift aid their charitable contributions. The target was a 40% conversion rate allowing for the fact that some visitors may not be eligible to gift-aid. The additional benefit of contacting visitors was to renew membership if they had one that had lapsed.

The Challenge

The key challenge is to keep pace with the amount of data being created monthly with visitors, by ensuring the correct amount of resource to clear data records at the right conversion rate every month.

Ansaback approach

Ansaback appointed an account manager and a brand champion to run the programme and ensure quality and performance targets are continually monitored and met.  We also created an outbound ‘app’ that shows each agent their own live performance against agreed metrics such as ‘contacts per hour’, ‘decision makers per hour’ and ‘conversions per hour’, which gives clear visibility of these metrics to agents, management and client alike, from the first call through to the end of each agent shift.   The account manager and brand champion also have an overview of the entire team to highlight where potential coaching or process improvements would help performance and quality.

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Ansaback has for the last two years delivered great results for one of the world's leading horticultural organisations and the UK's leading gardening charity with an ongoing outbound programme to deliver additional ongoing revenue.
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