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Today, the majority of the companies are hiring call centre services to outsource their customer services. With the growth of technology, the companies are on a never-ending hunt for better services from their outsourced firms. But how does a firm check whether its 3rd party call centre outsourcer is delivering? The customers are very demanding. They want a company’s representative to be available 24/7 by any means of communication. Moreover, the companies expect their BPO partners to provide quality, quick and courteous service to all its customers. With the facilities of email and internet available to nearly all customers, the job of a call centre agent has become quite a challenge. It has not only made inbound calls important, but the significance of outbound call centres has also multiplied because of the prevalent fierce competition amongst the existing firms.

As the agents are the key components of a call centre, their performance is always under the radar. In order to ensure their quality and efficiency, the call centre outsourcer must provide them with necessary training in the fields of order-taking, processing, responding to enquiries and troubleshooting. A help desk solution should also be maintained to cater to customers specific needs. The quest for survival is heating up as the competition in this industry gets fiercer making the task of an inbound or outbound call centre more important than ever before.

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