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Positive news for the Telecoms Sector

According to ManpowerGroup, the Telecommunications sector is currently a hub of activity with a Net Employment Outlook of +25% in Q2 2013. The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey is based on responses from 2,100 UK employers about whether they intend to hire additional workers or reduce the size of their workforce in the coming economic quarter. This is good news for Ansaback’s telecoms division, Fault Solutions 365.

Fault Solutions 365 offers a range a support services to Telecoms businesses designed to enhance their own customer service. The results of the survey show investment in customer experience and service is a priority for telecoms business as Tobias Mills, Manpower Sector Director – Telecommunications & Media goes on to say:

“As the Telecoms sector focuses on customer acquisition and retention against a fiercely competitive backdrop, consumer experience and service remain critical, and recruitment activity is booming. This has led to a notable increase in roles to create value for customers and we are seeing a lot of demand from employers for candidates with strong skills, whether this comes from experience or showing appetite to learn. This is reflected in the sector’s Outlook score of +25% which is the highest point for Telecommunications since 2005. One good example is in the North West, where we have seen a big increase in Contact Centre roles, both taking and making calls, due to significant growth in the Telecoms sector in this area.”

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