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Passion and commitment at UK call centres

Have you had a chance to read The Times this Saturday and “50 Reasons to Love Call Centres Report”? Admittedly, Programme Director Simon Thorpe introduced the publication brilliantly by looking at public opinions versus the reality.

Simon Thorpe mentions that the public opinions of call centres are so low that no-one even raised an eyebrow when a well-established insurance company described call centre employees as brainless chickens. However Thorpe also points out that research shows that more than a third of call centre workers are educated to university level. Most importantly, many workers in call centres actually like their job. Which leads to the next question – what’s not to enjoy?

The fact is that people in contact centres are helping other people. The majority of call centre workers enjoy making customers lives easier and provide the support and help that they need. Thorpe continues “And this dedication and enjoyment of their work shines through to the customer of these well-known brands. So much so that the average performance score given to these centres by genuine customers was 87 per cent.”

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