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Why is outsourcing your customer service a taboo?


As a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) servicing over 400 clients in a variety of capacities, we have become experts in providing bespoke and personalised professional services. However, we have many clients who prefer to keep their outsourcing activities discreet, this has long been the case in our industry, but as customers become more aware of business processes, the perception of outsourcing appears to be changing.

Why do businesses outsource?

No typical business type outsources their services. In our contact centre, we see everything from sole traders using our Instant Go Live Telephone Answering Service to national and international corporations utilising many services. Similarly, there is no one reason that a business chooses to use a BPO to take care of some of their operations. Common reasons our clients tell us are:


The obvious one. Often, especially for a small business, enlisting the services of an outsourcer is far more cost-effective than establishing an in-house customer service department. For as little as £30 per month, a business could have all its communications managed for them rather than doing it themselves. Set-up costs soon mount for the DIY option. It’s not just the extra space needed, but office furniture, equipment such as telephones and computers, recruitment and HR costs, training, salaries and so on. It makes business sense to utilise a service that you don’t have to own to use and can be on a pay-as-you-go model.


Some brands or organisations have seasonal fluctuations which result in extremely high volumes of customer interactions for a limited period. Therefore investing in an in-house contact centre wouldn’t be viable. An example of this would be a University helpline, which becomes inundated once A-level results are released, but only for a short time. Another would be retail organisations that inevitably experience high volumes of traffic in the run up to Christmas and over sale periods. There are options available, from short one-off campaigns to 24/7/365 and extended service during busy times, this allows organisations to both increase and reduce their level of cover, affording the flexibility that is not achievable with an in-house customer service department.


Even if a business has the funds available to set up a contact centre, they often overlook the infrastructure required to do this. Reviewing, installing and managing a telephony system is no mean feat. To cloud or not to cloud? Which telephony platform should I use? How do I achieve compliance? A high level of knowledge and expertise is required to bring all these aspects together. An established contact centre would already have the best infrastructure in place and have good relationships with the teams involved. Having the systems already in place also means that projects such as social monitoring or omnichannel services are able to get off the ground a lot quicker.


A fundamental aspect of a successful customer service operation is ensuring the software is right. You can have a well-equipped, modern contact centre staffed with fully trained Advisors and an experienced Operations team, but if you don’t have the software to carry out the interactions efficiently, collect the correct information and report on the processes, your campaigns will fall flat. We use CallScripter, which was developed in-house and is now sold globally to both internal and outsourced contact centres. CallScripter allows script builders to create dynamic scripts which incorporate a range of functionality such as social monitoring, customer relationship management, payment gateways, knowledge bases and much more. A BPO will invest in the combination of the best solutions to ensure all their clients are offering the best service to their customers.


Another reason to use an outsourcer to take care of your customer communications is to ensure you adhere to all compliance regulations. If your business is dealing with customer data or payment details, there are strict controls to complete. Depending on the size and nature of your business, the process of implementing and maintaining PCI DSS compliance can be considerable. Using an outsourced contact centre that can incorporate these controls for you can vastly reduce the costs and mitigate risk factors. Ansaback use PCI-PAL, one of the first cloud providers to obtain Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. Developed by contact centre specialists, they have created a range of solutions which fully protects clients.


By removing certain tasks from the primary business, the team can concentrate on the main operations of the business. Whether providing an excellent in-store experience, research and development of a new pharmaceutical or warehousing and distribution. Between 45 and 65 per cent of UK, retailers outsource payroll, security or IT services leaving them to concentrate on the merchandising, location, service and layout of their physical and digital presence. Outsourcing to a company that excels in an activity that is not your specialisation means you can concentrate on improving and developing the primary focus of your business.

Why is outsourcing still a dirty word?

So why is outsourcing still a subject that few organisations are willing to shout about? Surely placing your customer services are in the hands of highly trained professionals who specialise in the field is a huge positive for the company?

Here at Ansaback, a well-established, UK based contact centre, we take pride in knowing we are supplying high-profile, international brands with the best possible omnichannel customer experience they can offer. Our Advisors are trained in our own Academy and mentored throughout their probation to ensure that they are providing exceptional and tailored customer service for each and every interaction. Our combination of experience, expertise and approach across all sectors from skilled live advisors to software, telephony and secure payment options, – all 24/7/365, makes us truly unique.

If implemented correctly outsourcing reduces risk, enhances in-house operations and improves customer relations. What’s not to love?

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Posted on September 5, 2016 @ 8:38 am by Ansaback


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