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In the development of any company the decision to either do everything yourself or hire external help and outsource functions can change at any time.

It is common for start-ups to try and do everything themselves; be the salesperson, the marketer, answer the phone, do the accounts, clean the office, deliver the service and everything in-between. Just because it is common does not make it right. Most would consider there is no option to outsource as funds are tight, income is low in this phase and ‘no one could do it better than me’ is the common phrase. But it is this approach that can actually kill off a small business or a start-up. Your core skills you started your business with have not changed and are best employed focussing on those skills. If you hate selling and are not very good at it, why would you try and sell. If you get hundreds of inbound calls why try and answer them yourself. Surely your time is best spent where it adds most value?

Outsourcing rather than hiring people offers business incredible flexibility, accountability and ultimately is designed to deliver against your objectives. If your outsourcer is not performing get rid of them and hire a better one. No redundancy, no personnel issues and total accountability.

As you develop and grow your business your chosen outsource partner can easily enable that growth and grow with you. Of course there is always a cost comparison to be made, but you must consider all the costs and benefits of employing people versus outsourcing costs and benefits:-


The ability to find partners that specialise in flexible, scalable services is easier than you might think. What you should outsource will be different for every company, but decide early what those functions are and you will save a lot of frustration, costs and failure down the road.

Outsourcing should be part of everyone’s Strategic planning, not just the solicitor or accountant but with a view to every part of your business and decide the business case for each area as early as possible to ensure your business can achieve the success it deserves.

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