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New research on customer service in contact centres

The research from a report commissioned by Avaya and Sabio which surveyed 2,000 UK consumers suggests that UK consumers don’t value a wholesale approach to customer service in the contact centre, instead wanting different types and levels of technology involvement depending on the nature of interactions and their seriousness.

As well as highlighting an openness to embrace numerous contact centre technologies, the research also delivers six important insights into consumer feeling about data breaches and the risk of payment and identity security within contact centres. These six insights are:

•  We’re only human: consumers show definite preference for brands that make it easier for them to go through identification and verification when making payments
•  Work-arounds: consumers regularly jeopardise their own personal data security to make their lives easier
•  B+ for effort: consumers try hard to take care of their personal data
•  Alias-mania: consumers often try to hide their true identities when dealing with businesses
•  The long number: consumers are worried about sharing their personal and payments data verbally over the phone
•  Who’s to blame?: consumers are aware that they need to protect themselves from fraud, but feel that organisations (merchants and acquiring banks particularly) should shoulder more responsibility and are the weak

Simon Culmer, UK MD at Avaya “There is still a very strong role for voice in the contact centre as it offers unrivalled versatility in solving complex queries and a key gateway for those who are not online – nearly 20% of the UK population. That said, technical solutions to address concerns about fraud and data security are also critical.

Kenneth Hitchen, Founding Director, Sabio added “Organisations are clearly experiencing real friction between their demanding compliance processes and an ongoing commitment to providing consumers with a positive customer experience. The good news is that the two goals aren’t mutually incompatible: at Sabio our role is to apply innovative technologies such as voice biometrics, speech analytics and PCI payment solutions to help achieve the dual goals of increased compliance and reduced customer frustration. Applied correctly, these technologies can help organisations tick both boxes.”

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