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The new era of customer service

Are customers still loyal to our brands? Probably not! The world of customer service is changing drastically. Looking at the progress and development of communications channels, we are now heading towards an unknown era of brand loyalty and customer service management. According to the Institute of Customer Service, companies fear losing 10% of their customers in the next three years. How can companies prevent that from happening? Is it time to invest more in customer services?

Admittedly it is the customer experience that counts. Call centres have worked hard to advance and bring consistency into the call handling processes. It is important that the phones are answered quickly however by the end of the day it is all about customer experience.  No matter if you do it in-house, outsource or incorporate IVR solutions – your strategy should be all about being there for your customer 24/7/365. Get this wrong and you may lose the customer for good.



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