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Move away from a ‘cost’ centre to a profitable call centre

In today’s competitive environment more and more call centres need to start thinking about creating a more sales-focused culture. As the call centres are more focused on customer service it normally does not generate any profit. So how can an inbound call centre start generate money? The answer is – start up-selling! By asking the customers if they are interested in other services or products, a call centre can become a cash cow.

To turn agents from a customer service mind-set to a more sales-focused role will require a lot of training and product knowledge investments and support, as well as strong commitment and willingness to change and learn from the agents themselves.

It is important to set KPIs and targets in order to measure the success and update agents on their performance on a regular basis. On top of this, it is absolutely crucial to reward your call centre agents by incorporating a reward programme and competitions to recognise the top performers.

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