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Why miss another call? Try our telephone answering services

Every missed call is a missed opportunity. Voicemail or answer-phones can help, but they are hardly confidence amongst potential customers.

Ansaback’s telephone answering services provide any company with the kind of facilities usually available only to major corporations and at a fraction of the cost. We will answer your telephones in your company name whenever you are unable to do so – 24/7/365. You choose when to divert your phones, for example when the office is not staffed or when all lines are engaged. You can even have your calls filtered and important ones diverted to a remote number of your choice.

No more worrying about lost orders when you are away from the office. No more pressures from staff training, holidays or sickness. Our experienced operators will take the strain, providing a range of services – from simple message taking to more complex customer service tasks such as progress chasing, emergency call out and implementing escalation procedures.

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