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The Misconceptions of Call Centres

When you think of the words ‘call centres’ what do you picture?

• Rows and rows of desks, crammed full of people?
• Long working hours?
• Low pay?
• Bad customer service?
• Press one for this, press 2 for that, press 3 for the other?
• Annoying sales calls?
All of the above can happen, which is why is vital to ensure when you make the decision to outsource your calls, you do your homework when choosing a call handling service provider. Ansaback is a professional UK call centre that delivers exceptional levels of services. We put a huge amount of time, effort and resources into ensuring that our customers (and of course their customer’s who’s calls we are answering) receive a professional efficient call answering service. We strive to be the best and the loyalty of our customers pay testament to the service provision we provide.
So why outsource?
Choosing the right call centre can help you to:
• Provide a 24/7 (365) service to your customers
• Reduce staffing / recruitment costs
• Offer exceptional customer service to your customer base
• Capture all new enquiries, no matter what time or day or night
• Holiday / sickness cover
• Disaster recovery
• Stay ahead of your competitors
• Bespoke telephone answering services

Using a call centre can play a fundamental part in your business growth and provide a genuine extension to your business.

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