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The secret of good service

The manifesto of customer satisfaction

Brands which have emerged into this post-recession climate have to ensure that they continue to exceed their customer’s needs, to ultimately market their products and services in an environment where customers have tightened their purse strings. Whilst customer satisfaction cannot be categorically measured, attempting to deliver good customer satisfaction should be a high priority for all businesses. With this in mind, below details 6 measures which brands can work on to ensure they provide high customer satisfaction.

1. Be Customer-centric: Looking at situations from a customer’s viewpoint helps brands stand out above their competitors. Value the customer.

2. Have superstar staff: Communication is an essential part of any brand. Staff should be informed of what’s happening in a company so they can effectively communicate the basic principles of the products and services being marketed to consumers.

3. Delight the customer: Over deliver on customer expectations. Go the extra mile and show customers that you do value their opinions, comments and even complaints.

4. Keep your promises: A good brand will outline well-articulated promises and above all, stick to them. If you promise to call a customer back in 5 minutes, make sure you do actually call them back.

5. Sort out service recovery: If something goes wrong, don’t panic – the key is to deal with the issue effectively and promptly. Things naturally go wrong… it’s the putting it right that is remembered.

6. Build a relationship: Customers like to know they can talk to the same person again. If this is not possible, the next best outcome is that the person they do speak to knows who they are and why they are calling. Internal communication helps build external relationships.

As a professional UK call handling service, Ansaback understand the importance of good customer satisfaction and what’s more, we pride ourselves on always delivering excellent telephone answering services to our customers.

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