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The London Marathon – 2 Successful Runners!


Two members of staff competed in this year’s London Marathon, both successfully crossing the finish line in less than 5 hours!

Group Managing Director, William Catchpole, ran his 4th London Marathon and Zonja Bunn, Ansaback Accounts Assistant, running her very first!

William said ‘This was my 14th marathon in total and London is always fun with huge numbers of runners and spectators. The start in the rain was not very pleasant but once we got going and the weather improved it was just a question of digging in and getting through the wall which is both mental and physical.  Miles 21 -24 were the tough ones for me and despite numerous people shouting “come on Ipswich you can do it” the legs stubbornly refused to get back into gear. I didn’t see any celebs this time and luckily wasn’t overtaken by panto horses, rhinos or wombles! However I did get overtaken by a giant beer bottle which I later found out had a woman inside. Well done her, it must have been unbelievably hot. I finished in 4 hours and 37 minutes but know I should have been a smidge quicker. My next race is in Norway which I am sure will be much cooler although I suspect not as flat! No doubt a bottle of Grolsch or Heineken will pass me at some point’

 Zonja enjoyed the whole experience, she said ‘Before the run I had a couple of sleepless nights due to nerves but they soon disappeared once the marathon started. During the race the atmosphere was fantastic bands playing along the route, people in fancy dress, everyone cheering, kind supporters handing out sweets and pieces of fresh orange. I hit a wall my wall at 22 miles, my body felt like it had turned to jelly, my calves ached but I did not want to stop as I knew I would not be able to start up again, I could not walk as it hurt more than running, and I was not going to give up after getting this far.  So I literally plodded for just over a mile. It was a brilliant day, an amazing experience and one I would definitely like to do again’.

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