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Improving call answering with CallScripter

As Ansaback’s 24/7 call centre has grown, so has the technology. CallScripter was developed in-house and is now sold globally handling millions of calls worldwide.

The software effectively guides the agent through the communication process with the customer, ensuring all relevant information is collected in a controlled sequence and saved in the correct format at the right location.

Reports can be quickly delivered in a variety of formats, including automatic generation of letters, emails and SMS messages. CSV files can be produced for importing into other database systems. All reports can be scheduled to run at set times and delivered automatically.

Based upon Microsoft standard technology, CallScripter allows easy integration with 3rd party call centre applications. Existing integrations with many platforms are already available such as Predictive Dialler, CRM Platforms, PAF Software, Voice Recording, Bank Wizard and Online Credit Card Processing.

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