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Reduce Costs

Ansaback has built a complete multi-channel operation to meet the demands of future consumers; changing business needs to achieve our vision of generating additional wealth for our clients.  We focus on reducing costs by optimising the operation where interactions happen.

Another call centre could only hope to increase call volumes, whereas Ansaback works with clients to ensure call volumes end up reduced where appropriate and other channels of communications utilised to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Cost reduction actions can come in many forms; here are some examples

Industry & Functional Expertise

All Ansaback clients have expert account management appointed to support the work we do and feedback best practice based on intelligent management information. We have an internal client support team writing bespoke reports on data analysis of sales performance, call statistics and customer feedback. The account managers hold regular reviews and feedback potential cost saving actions along with areas to improve overall contract performance continually.

Service Performance

High first-time resolution rates and great customer experiences reduce repeat calls that simply add value. Poor quality staff, training or procedures is an entirely false economy; Ansaback works from the opposite spectrum, via recruiting and training great people and working with clients to build quality into process, procedures and the overall experience.

Technology & Innovation

The Ansaback technical team focus on both current system support and technology innovations to aid client programmes. We have expert knowledge of all telephony options with in-house skills to develop innovative solutions for our client’s benefit. Areas of expertise and experience are:

  • Bespoke IVR and database look-up solutions
  • Automated web capture to live calls solutions
  • Fully automated SMS/Email to live call functions
  • Queue management options

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