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Increasing Brand Advocacy

Customers who love your brand will introduce you to your new customers for free.

Ansaback recognises the power of building your network of passionate and satisfied customers who love to talk about you to anyone that will listen.

“We are living in the age of the customer – and the real winners will be those who harness the true power of the crowd” Reevoo Consumer Reviews

Ansaback works with our clients to optimise brand advocacy programmes that identify influential consumers or groups, create and deliver experiences to activate them, amplify their reach and then optimise for new advocates.

Ansabacks role changes from programme to programme with our core function to ensure a great customer experience and uses live management information to identify potential advocates and activate them with further designed interactions. The whole purpose is to get advocates to:

  • Introduce new customers
  • Create compelling testimonials
  • Share brand stories
  • Engage with the brand to suggest improvements
  • Talk on behalf of the brand

Ansaback regularly engages in the following activities on behalf of our client brands to drive increased advocacy:-

  • Loyalty and referral programmes
  • Rewards and Recognition programmes
  • Training and Policy Integration

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Why Ansaback?
  • A powerful extension of your business
  • Great people, delivering great experiences
  • Making every contact count
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