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Increase Revenues

Increase Revenues and profitability

Ansaback recruits great sales people with experience and expertise from many industry sectors to sell your products and service against a benchmark of agreed targets and objectives. We use a broad range of customer management systems, telephony and live statistics to achieve the sales conversions and revenue goals you desire.

The reason we can claim to increase profits is by using our flexible operating model to optimise the times of day, month or year to manage your sales interactions. The ability to switch on a resource on a campaign basis and switch off after the peak means that you do not have to have the capital and management investment to do it yourself.

We use industry recognised sales methodologies and training to achieve consistent sales results but always look for new ways to push on to the next level of performance. Some of the features of how we deliver sales performance are:

  • Picking the right team and training them on the optimum approach, your products, your services and a profile of your target markets and demographic
  • Planning of the service from data to management information and live analysis
  • Live 1-2-1 coaching to improve hour by hour performance
  • Team feedback with client involvement to review performance at the optimum time and make adjustments allows us to improve performance continuously

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  • A powerful extension of your business
  • Great people, delivering great experiences
  • Making every contact count
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