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Improving Customer Experiences

Ansaback manages millions of customer interactions every year and with each and everyone a chance to deliver our clients brand promise.

The Ansaback brand promise is to have great people delivering great experiences every time; a bold promise but absolutely key to every individual at Ansaback understanding the importance, value and consequences of what a ‘customer experience’ is.

“An excellent customer experience is how you were dealt with, how it made you feel.  It’s about stimulating positive emotions across all customer touchpoints.”

When defined like this it is clear that a robotic, process driven interaction will not suffice for the 21st-century consumer. Expectations increase exponentially over short periods, and our job is to be ahead of that curve to help you beat the competition.

Great Experiences

To make sure each customer interaction achieves the desired outcome, Ansaback, and our clients combine the following elements:

  • Well designed results covering all customer requirements
  • Every customer touchpoint designed with clear process, escalation and outcomes
  • Authority to act on behalf of the client for the first-time resolution
  • Great people with excellent communications and emotional intelligence skills
  • Training, coaching and appropriate incentives that focus on a customer’s needs and the ability to satisfy them

Outsource for quality and consistency

350 clients outsource their customer experiences and entrust Ansaback with their brand promise, 1000’s of times per day. We have both the ability and long experience of creating measured consistency of quality by live management information that allows timely changes through coaching and process adjustments.

The Results

A great customer experience improves customer loyalty, increases customer retention rates, increases lifetime profitability of clients and creates brand advocates for new customer acquisition. Working with Ansaback to deliver your desired experiences can bring all these benefits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Why Ansaback?
  • A powerful extension of your business
  • Great people, delivering great experiences
  • Making every contact count
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