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Happy Agents Lead To Happy Clients

A motivated workforce is a key factor to any business, in the call centre industry it is vital that the call handling agents feel valued and motivated as they are fundamental to the success of the services that a call centre provides.
At Ansaback 24/7 contact centre and business services bureau we have various schemes in place to ensure our call handling agents feel happy in the workplace and feel engaged with the work they are doing. In previous posts you would have seen that we adopt a ‘Call Centre Superstars’ scheme and ‘Call Centre Agents of the Month’ which are just two of the ways we motivate our employees and reward them for exceptional service.
The health and wellbeing of our agents is also something we are keen to promote. The agents have access to fresh fruit throughout the day which encourages healthy eating which in turn leads to healthy agents. The Bike to Work scheme is another system we have in place where we offer assistance to our staff in purchasing bicycles to enable them to cycle to work, offering a healthy alternative to driving to work, which also promotes the reduction of our carbon footprint.
Call handling agents are on the front line when it comes to operating a contact centre. They are the face of the business and our success is directly linked to their customer service abilities, so it is unquestionably important to make sure they are motivated and well looked after which will help Ansaback continue to be at the forefront of the contact centre industry.

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