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The Giant of Ansaback has his locks shaved for Charity

Ansabacks Senior Systems Engineer Simon Cutting has been known to go a bit crazy when Red Nose Day comes about with previous antics including a chest wax to raise money for the brilliant cause. This year Simon is following along the same sort of lines, but this time he will be having his head and beard completely taken off.

In an effort to raise money this year, Simon will be having his head publically shaved off along with his beard and tidied with a wet shave to ensure no follicle is left behind. Simon stands quite tall at 6’10” and it was always a scary sight seeing him walk at you up the office but now it is most disconcerting as we see a man who would look more fitting in a film alongside Vinnie Jones striding towards you.

Fortunately Simon is a soft soul with only good intentions and his latest stunt proves his good nature as he has already risen over £100. Many people around the office are offering to cough up more money if he will shave his eyebrows off so we will have to wait and see if the extra donations tempt him enough.


The fundraising doesn’t stop there-In Ansabacks 24/7 Call Centre we are having a dress down to raise money for Red Nose Day and guess what the theme is? You got it, everyone has tried to dress in as much red as possible. The usual £1 donation applies which will be another way of raising a bit of money to go towards to the brilliant work that’s carried out by Comic Relief.

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