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Getting The Most Out of Your Call Centre


No matter what type of business you operate, you rely on your customers to ensure you are able to continue into the future. Unfortunately, too many owners either forget about their customers once the sale is made or do not have the capacity to facilitate the phone calls they receive while they are trying to perform other duties.

Expansion for a business owner is exciting, but it is crucial to ensure you have access to the manpower necessary to provide your customers the contact they need to ask questions and address concerns not only to retain their business, but also to gain a positive reputation for the acquisition of new customers.

The Call Centre- A Viable Option

Whether your company receives large volumes of call per day or you operate a small business that is beginning to grow, receiving assistance in managing this work with an outside call centre is your best option. The most prominent benefit you will reap is the fact that you and your employees have more time to perform the aspects of the production of the product or service you provide.

Meeting Customer Expectations

It is important to completely understand the expectations your customers will have when they experience contact with the call centre you choose to do business with as this will greatly impact your business. Prior to hiring services, you should have your expectations made clear so the employees who will be the direct contact with your customer base will know how to properly address questions and concerns.

A big concern many residents of the UK have when it comes to communicating with a call centre employee is where the company is based. Oftentimes, if a customer detects an accent, they will immediately form a negative opinion about the call before it is even close to being executed. This is especially important if you serve a localised market. Your customers will also be concerned with the expediency your call centre is able to provide. Time is money, and nobody wants to wait on hold for long periods of time or listen to hold music.

Before hiring the services of a call centre, you should understand the capacity they have to ensure there are enough agents on the phone to man your calls. Proper technology is equally important. We have all vented frustration that stems from having to be transferred to several departments to get an issue resolved or find the answer to a question. Not only does this increase hold time, but it also often requires the customer to repeat information they have already provided to previous agents. Ensure the call centre has the proper technology to provide representatives up-to-date information and access to company information to minimize these situations.

You should also ensure that the call centre’s management team has a clear and complete training program being utilized complete with regular refresher courses to ensure your agents are up-to-date with the latest company information. Customers want a resolution on their first call, and agents who are equipped with the proper knowledge are better able to deliver satisfactory results.

Retention and Acquisition is Important

The purpose of your business is to both retain the customers you already have as well as acquire new ones, and hiring a call centre that provides a poor customer services experience can seriously impact your ability to do so. If a customer is not able to receive the information or resolutions they are looking for when they call your customer service number, word will quickly spread. Unfortunately, most customers do not provide feedback when they receive proper service, but far more are quick to complain when they are not satisfied. With the Internet, they can quickly tarnish your company’s good name and sway other customers, current or future, to avoid utilising your services.

Know The Numbers

Before you hire the services of a call centre, it is important to perform a thorough inventory so you can properly understand and communicate your needs. For example, know the number of calls that can be expected during the course of the day so you and the call centre management team can assess the number of employees that will be necessary to man your phone calls. Also evaluate peak call times to minimize the time these customers will have to hold. You should also create a frequently asked questions sheet.

Nobody knows your business better than you and your staff, and it is up to you to identify the most common questions and concerns that will be brought up during the course of most calls. Having this information readily available will help the call centre come up with the most comprehensive training program as they hire the staff of representatives that will be working with your valued customers. If your agents will be expected to sell products, you must also be clear on your expectations. Begin gathering numbers regarding the percentage of the time your top sales employees are able to close a deal, and make this the goal for the representatives who will be working at the call centre.

When you hire one, you can speak with the management team about the implementation of a bonus structure to help boost numbers, and this will often help your business increase even more.

Worth The Investment

Your business is likely your most valuable asset, and it is crucial to provide your customers with everything they need to develop a lasting relationship with you. Making the investment in call centre service can provide you with the tools you need to provide your customers with the level of support they deserve when you don’t have the time. By doing your research today, you can find a more pleasant tomorrow for you, your staff, and, most importantly, your customers.

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Posted on June 26, 2014 @ 2:23 pm by Ansaback


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