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Game-changing name-changes


Why the terminology of the past is giving way to the buzzwords of the future

Those of you that have been in the communications industry a while will have seen a significant change in the terminology used over the years. Like the celebrities featured in the image, some phrases have been refreshed for aesthetic purposes; let’s be honest Marilyn Monroe is sexier than Norma Jeane. Much like Customer Experience Manager is somewhat more appealing than Account Manager. But in many instances, terminology is not just changed to increase the appeal, but to better describe the function or job title. In the ever-changing communications industry, we are constantly updating our vocabulary to describe more accurately the new services we are offering.

Let’s take a look at some of the telecoms terms that have been glammed up in recent years and the reasons why.


Pretty straightforward this one. We no longer just take calls. We deal with a variety of channels from phone calls to tweets, so we use the term interaction to cover off every time we communicate with a customer. Although this terminology has been changed for a practical reason, we like what interaction implies, that we are engaging with our customers rather than just taking a call.

Call Centre

The term ‘call centre’ was first coined in 1983, according to Call Centre Helper. Since then the industry has changed dramatically, with emerging technologies adding new dimensions to our operations. This prompted the change of name to Contact Centre. This is now widely used in the industry all over the globe. This change was necessary as the term ‘Call Centre’ was simply not explanatory enough and jeopardised clients’ understanding of services offered. Recently, the phrase ‘Customer Engagement Centre (CEC)’ has also become a buzzword, perhaps this will soon replace the Contact Centre.


Originally known as ‘call centre operators’, we now call the most important people in our business, Customer Care Advisors. This reflects the way in which their role has changed over the decades. Our Advisors deal with such a range of customer interactions through different channels that it is hard to classify what they do in one job title. We feel that Customer Care Advisor encompasses the huge variety of their role and all the challenges that go with it.

Customer Service

A service is indeed what we provide to our customers, but with all the tools we now have available to enhance each interaction such as scripting, side by side screen sharing, telephony and social integrations, we are able to provide a much improved conversation which we like to call Customer Engagement. By engaging with our customers, we are able to solve their queries whilst delivering impeccable service and leaving a positive impression of the company or brand.

Account Manager

Traditionally an account manager would ensure the client was happy with the service they were receiving. As a Business Process Outsourcer, this team is essential to the smooth running of our business. However, our team go so much further than simply managing the accounts. They build a strong and personal relationship with each individual client. By doing this, they are able to fully understand the needs of each account and assess how Ansaback can fulfil these needs with our range of services. Our team manage these relationships to ensure a great experience is had by all, this is why we call them Customer Experience Managers.

Name changes really can be game changers if they are implemented correctly within the company. They give a clearer insight into what services the business offers and what principles are valued. What terms has your organisation developed to better portray your business?

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Posted on August 4, 2016 @ 5:07 pm by Ansaback


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