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The Future Is Here!

Ansaback were lucky enough to get the opportunity to experience the first fully electric car on the UK market. The generous people at Bristos car garage in Ipswich were happy to let us borrow the Twizy for the entire afternoon allowing numerous members of staff from the back office and call centre to try out the latest in vehicle transport.

The Renault Twizy has a range of 60 miles and can reach a top speed of 50mph meaning it would be perfect as a run-around. A lot of people commented that there are not enough charging points for electric vehicles in the UK yet, but the Twizy can actually be plugged into any normal power outlet found in the home putting it at the forefront of the electric car market and making it very easy to charge up.

Nicholas House, Sales Executive at the call centre said “It was an incredible feeling to drive the electric car, not only is it fun, but environmentally friendly as well. I can definitely see this as a mode of transport for the future”

The future is upon us, so it is time to get used to seeing vehicles such as the Twizy as everyone here at Ansaback is sure it will be great a success.


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