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Focus on…Steve Hulme


Name: Steve Hulme

Job title:  Contact centre Partner CX Manager/Part-time tech team assistant

Time in the company: 10yrs

Where did you start? I started on the early morning shift in the call centre way back in 2006.

Route of progression: It was simple for me, call centre advisor to Client services (Now the CX team)

What does your job entail day to day: Reporting to clients (mainly charities) each morning, ensuring our partners are happy and occasionally building and editing scripts.

What is your favourite part of the job? I was going to say home time, but I think it’s the satisfaction you get when everything works as it should 🙂

What is the most challenging aspect of the job? There are two, one is dealing with certain unhappy clients, and two, setting next to Rodger Pilling. Only kidding on the second one Rodge

What do you look forward to when you come into work in the morning? Seeing what the day will have in store for me.

What has working in this industry taught you? To be patient when on the phone and being placed on hold…. Again!

How does this job differ from previous jobs?  I’ve been a boat builder, holiday homes proprietor, a riverboat captain on the Norfolk Broads, a lorry driver at Felixstowe port and a computer store manager – none of my previous roles really compare to what I do now.

Tell us a funny story.  Spending weeks during one long gone summer diving on a wreck in Norfolk, only to realise that the heavy ship’s anchor we worked hard to raise wouldn’t pass over the sandbar on the way back to the beach.  I was trying to manhandle it in front of a large crowd of laughing holidaymakers.  It took me ages but the anchor is still in my front garden today.

How do you feel about the future of customer service communications? Things are moving at an incredible pace in this industry right now, and as we are now part of the Direct Response Group (Yonder Digital Group), the next few weeks, months and years will be very exciting.

What would you say to someone entering into a role in customer communication?  Enjoy the good parts, forget the bad ones, and have fun!

Steve H with grandson Liam

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Posted on January 20, 2017 @ 4:02 pm by Ansaback


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