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Focus on…Graham Foreman


Name: Graham Foreman

Aka: G

Job title: Operations Manager

Time in the company: 2 Years

Where did you start? Account Manager

Graham started as an account manager in the February of 2015. By the August he was setting up the account for our biggest client and the rest is history!

What does your job entail day to day? Jointly managing the department and meeting with the client to drive performance and spot business trends.

What is your favourite part of the job? The people – I have an excellent team, the people definitely make the job rewarding. I have made some lifelong friends working at Ansaback.

Most challenging aspect of the job? Christmas and Summer Sale time!!

Tell us a funny story!  When visiting the client’s head office last summer, on a beautiful, bright, sunny day, I chose to wear the white shirt to show off the sun tan from one of my numerous holidays. Step out of the tube station and torrential rain hits. I looked like I had entered a wet t-shirt competition – nobody wants to see that, although my client found it hilarious.

What do you look forward to when you come into work in the morning? My morning cup of tea, even if I do have to make it myself 🙁 ha ha

What has working in this industry taught you? That the customer is always right no matter what!

How does this job differ from previous jobs? This job is much more rewarding and involved. I come from an insurance background so very different!

How do you feel about the future of customer service communications and how this could affect your team and job role? The industry is always evolving. Calls to emails to social to live chat…the communication split changes all the time and we need to be ready for the next big thing.

What would you say to someone entering into a role in customer communication?  Keep positive, keep happy and remember… the customer is always right!


Graham and his daughter

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Posted on February 22, 2017 @ 4:12 pm by Ansaback


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