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Focus on Christian Pawsey


Name: Christian Pawsey

Aka: None (that I know of!).

Job Title: Contact Centres CEO

Time in the company: 9 yrs. Joined 1st May 2008, which was the 10th anniversary of Ansaback. Big celebrations!

What does your job entail day to day? Morning team meeting, then onto the list of jobs which usually grows through the day and is often larger when I leave for the day! Currently working in the Bristol office most Tuesdays. No such thing as a normal day!

What is your favourite part of the job? The variety, being able to help or guide people if and where I can. Meeting and signing new clients always makes for a good day. Looking for solutions and ideas to make the business work better. Talking with and meeting new and existing staff.

Most challenging aspect of the job? Fitting all the parts together so everything goes to plan and we have less unexpected events.

Tell us a funny story:  Quite a few unusual and funny stories from working here… not all repeatable. I once met the emergency gas leak man outside the front door and tried to explain we didn’t need to evacuate the building as we didn’t have any gas services to the building. He eventually found the nearest gas main was about 100m away and relented!

What do you look forward to when you come into work in the morning? Meeting and working with a great team, working on plans and seeing what challenges the day brings.

What has working in this industry taught you?

Working in the service industry is incredibly complicated. We have a large number of clients providing such a wide range of services, some of which are critical, in terms of monetary value and human health, or in some cases, helping the lights come on. You can pick almost any area and there are always extra parts to manage, new challenges and ways we can improve. Ultimately we’re here to provide excellent customer service to our clients and their customers. It might sound rather simplistic, but one of the most useful things to remember is ‘how would I like to be treated’, combined with ‘how can we be the best’? It applies in such a wide range of circumstances and of course has to fit into the business model of delivering the best outcome for all.

How does this job differ from previous jobs? Before working for Yonder Digital in the contact centre world, I imported softwood from Europe, Russia and South America, for use in manufacturing and construction in the UK. It took some time to adjust from trading a product which you can see, touch and feel, to a business where the profit comes from providing an excellent service. Before timber, I worked across a variety of roles from sales to purchasing and logistics. And before that, I was a builder and subcontractor in France. Even further back for a Japanese merchant bank in the City. All have provided useful experience in different ways for my current role.

How do you feel about the future of customer service communications and how this could affect your team and job role? It’s an extremely exciting time for the customer service and communications industry. Customer expectations continue to rise so that high standards which applied only a short time ago, are raised further. It’s a continuous cycle. In combination with changing habits and innovation in customer and consumer interaction options, including automation, the communications and customer service industries are combining more closely than ever. This means there are huge opportunities, from our clients and their customers, through to the Yonder business itself and its’ employees, who develop the skills, systems and processes to expertly deliver those services.

What would you say to someone entering into a role in customer communication? Careers in customer service can be very rewarding. Every day is different. All parts of the customer service cycle require capable, talented and engaged people to meet the challenges of what is still very much a people business. Enjoy those challenges and embrace the changes. Have fun!

I’ve been here 9 years and the business has changed so much in that time, it’s hard to remember how differently things were done in the early days at Ansaback. The pace of change has increased since then and the future business will be equally different, in a good way.

Whenever I think about the business I’m grateful for the fantastic and talented team who work together and support each other, taking responsibility and care of the working environment we all help to create and use. Especially the advisors who manage the sharp end of the business where excellent customer service is delivered, 24/7/365.



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Posted on June 9, 2017 @ 11:30 am by Ansaback


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