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Financial Team Expands as a Result of Business Growth


You have probably heard by now that IPPlus (UK) Ltd has been acquired by the Direct Response Group Ltd, along with GoResponse. If you haven’t, check out the press release to get the low down.

The first couple of months have been an incredibly fun, exciting and busy transition period. If you know Chris Robinson and Ian Mitchell, you will be familiar with their hands on approach. They have wasted no time in getting to know the staff and engaging with all departments. You may have seen some of our posts on social media of our monthly open staff meetings – lots of fun!

While we have all been getting stuck in to new projects, there is one particular team that have been challenged beyond all others. The Finance Team for IPPlus (UK) Ltd are now responsible for the majority of the financial activities of the Direct Response Group, effectively doubling the department’s workload. To facilitate the additional demands, three staff have been added to the team. We are delighted to introduce Talia, Jenna and Tracey.

Talia Livermore

Talia joined us in May, ahead of the acquisition to fill an existing vacancy. Her extensive experience as a Credit Controller in the city has taught her to build trust and create lasting relationships with clients making her a valuable asset to the team. Talia’s wicked sense of humour has made her a favourite with the staff and she already feels like part of the furniture!

Jenna Payne

Starting in October, as the acquisition was finalised, Jenna was definitely thrown in at the deep end! Her experience as a credit controller in a smaller company meant that she was aux fait with all aspects of general accounts. She got stuck straight in and has impressed with how quickly she has got to grips with the company systems. Want to get in Jenna’s good books? Cadbury’s or Galaxy is the way to go.

Tracey Pooley

Tracey is the newest member of the team, joining at the end of October as a Payroll Administrator. Moving forward, all the payroll for the group will be processed through the Ipswich office, so the Payroll division has had to expand to accommodate. With her previous experience in payroll, accounts and HR and in-depth knowledge of Payroll laws and legislation, Tracey was the perfect candidate. If you’re making a brew she’ll take hers white with no sugar ta!

Talia, Jenna and Tracey join Sam Finlay (Finance Manager), Pippa Revell (Accounts Coordinator), and Helen Hughes (Payroll Supervisor).

‘The last few weeks have been challenging, but we have worked tirelessly to implement the new processes successfully. The additions to the department have enabled us to take on the increased workload and we now have a very strong Financial Team.’ Says Sam Finlay, Finance Manager. ‘I am extremely proud of my team and am looking forward to seeing it expand further as the Group grows.’

Interested in working with the Finance Team here in Ipswich? We are still looking to hire another full-time Accounts Assistant. View the job description on our website.

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Posted on November 11, 2016 @ 11:33 am by Ansaback


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