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The ‘Not So Festive’ Spirit!

As we are now in December we have complied some interesting facts about Christmas!

We all like an extra chocolate or two, and we probably overdo it on the dry sherry but did you know that the number of calories the average UK person eats on Christmas Day is 7,000. The average weight a person puts on over the festive period is 5 pounds and the number of calories in a large glass of wine – the same as a bar of chocolate is 185.

It’s not just the food and drink we overdo a bit. The average amount of money spent (per person) in the UK on the festive season is £560, and 46% of people who have set a budget and fail to stick to it!

Interestingly £8 billion is the cost to UK employers because of the estimated drop in efficiency during the week just before Christmas , because employees worry about their own plans and budgets instead of work.

On a lighter note more than one in five (22%) expects there to be a family argument over the festive period, and did you know with the festive season putting a strain on families and relationships, January is the busiest month for divorce lawyers!

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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