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Festive cakes sold to raise money for charity

Throughout the year Ansaback 24/7 call centre participate in various events and activities to raise money for charity  such as draws, sponsored events and cake sales. This Christmas two of the back office staff, Head of Sales Toni Vincent-Panich and Account Manager Victoria Matthews decided to get together and bake/decorate a range of festive cakes to be sold to both call handling agents and back office staff, from novelty cupcakes through to christmas pud cake pops. The cakes went down very well indeed raising £50 for this years chosen charity, which is Woolverstone Wish charity.

The Woolverstone Wish, which was created in order to raise money to refurbish the Chemotherapy outpatient clinics and day-unit in the Woolverstone Wing of Ipswich Hospital. The aim is to increase the available space, improve privacy for patients and provide a more comfortable treatment area, therefore every penncy counts are Ansaback call centre are very happy to contribute towards this and we look forward to reporting the overall total raised very soon.

Pictured below are the cakes sold in the call centre:


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