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Easter begins with Maundy Thursday! Did you know…?

Did you know that Maundy Thursday is the beginning of the Easter celebrations and it was tradition for the reigning Monarch to wash the feet of the poor.  This went on until 1699 at which point the Monarch would send an official in his place. Things have certainly changed since way back then and the tradition has been altered whereby instead of washing the feet of the poor, our Queen will give out money to a group of pensioners.

At Ansaback we have our own tradition; Every year our Chief Financial Officer Stuart Gordon goes and collects an enormous amount of Hot Cross buns to be enjoyed by call handling agents and back office staff alike.

Keeping with the Easter theme, two call handling Agents also received chocolate related prizes for winning the the Ansaback Superstars draw. When a call handling agent receives 100% on their call monitoring report they have their name added to the Superstar board, two names were picked at random from the superstars featured on this board. The winning agents were Carla Thomas and Emma Stokes. Well done to both agents and we hope you enjoy your prizes. Ansaback will also be having 2 dress down days over the Ester period, raising money for Ormiston Childrens Charity.

As Ansaback is a 24/7 (365) contact centre our call handling agents will be busy handling calls over the Easter period, but for those that have time off we wish everyone a very happy and enjoyable Easter break.

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