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Dress codes in call centres

A recent topic to be raised in the call centre industry is the issue of employee dress codes. Whist many call centres are often hidden away from public eye, Ansaback’s call handling centre is a completely open environment and the company regularly invites their customers on site to see the call centre from a first-hand perspective.

So how does Ansaback tackle employee dress codes?

Due to is openness, Ansaback adopts a simply policy on employee dress codes.  During the working hours of Monday – Friday, 8-6pm all employees are encouraged to wear smart, business clothing; however as Ansaback is a genuine 24/7, 365 day UK call centre,  employees working weekend or evening shifts, are permitted to wear casual clothes.

Furthermore, every month Ansaback conducts dress down days, whereby everybody within the organisation can pay a small donation to charity and they can then wear casual clothes.

If you would like to know more about the services Ansaback can provide to you and your business, or if you feel you may benefit from visiting us on site, then why not call us today!

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