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Don’t lose your call centre sale to competition

We can all agree that consumers today are more demanding than a decade ago. They know exactly what they want and get it when they want it. So, is customer service still important when it comes to brand loyalty? Do they care about customer experience if they absolutely love the product and will always get that product?  According to the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) UK companies fear losing 10% of their customer base over the coming years, at a cost of almost two and quarter billion pounds.
Looking at these predicted numbers we can all agree that we need to invest in contact centres if we want to come out alive. What companies also must consider is trends in customer services and the behaviour of the consumer. Looking at future trends, Customer Contact Association (CCA) have recently published a study in which they point out that the consumers will increasingly use the social channels in order to make complaints but they will continue call to make a purchase.  So, a good advice would be, start investing in call centres – it seems that they are going to boost your bottom line.

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