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Disaster Recovery…..are you prepared?

May has just begun and everybody is holding their breath as to what the weather will be doing this month. April was awful with constant showers, high winds and dark clouds putting a shadow over everything including everyone’s hopes for a nice summer.

People in the Midlands were badly affected with gale force winds accompanied by lashings of rainfall- 10 days worth in just 12 hours. Trees blocking streets and flooded fields were a common sight in Birmingham towards the end of April along with roof tops ripped off shopping centres. Rail commuters in Kent also had a hard time when a tree lay on the railway tracks causing havoc as people were told to expect delays on their journeys to London.

When unforeseen events like this take place it is very important to have procedures in place to make sure your business can carry on as normal. Staff shortages are very common in these times as people struggle to get to the office, but something like the loss of power to an office can be crippling especially if you do not have a back up source of power.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans are becoming more and more important, companies can not afford to miss a days worth a trading especially with the current state of the economy.  There are no set Business Continuity or DR plans; each business requires different levels of cover depending on their business activities. Some may require the use of an external data centre in the event that theirs go down, some require the use of external office space in case they need to evacuate and relocate. Other business’ continuity plans consist of using an external call centre to handle the telephone activity.

What ever plans you have in place, it is important to make sure they can be easily implemented and readily tested. There is nothing worse then paying for a DR Service for it not to work when you need it the most. Ansaback provide a wide range of professional and reliable DR services, from 24/7 call handling services, automated telephony solutions, through to the use of a purpose built DR site.

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