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Disaster Recovery is crucial

Research carried out by YouGov on behalf of NewVoiceMedia has identified that despite the severe weather which has hit the UK over the past few months, many SME senior decision-makers are still admitting that they do not have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

According to their research out of those surveyed, only 17% had a disaster-recovery plan in place, enabling business to carry on as normal in the event of a serious disruption; what is surprising it that 14% of respondents admitted they do not have a system in place for re-routing calls, meaning that customer calls would ring continuously instead of being answered.

Businesses can no longer afford to shut their office in the event of a disaster; such a serious disruption could not only affect sales, but customer satisfaction levels and organisational value. However, the research implies that many organisations ignore disaster recovery, seeing it as an extra expensive which doesn’t often get used.

Ansaback offer an affordable disaster recovery package, tailored to your business needs. We provide 24/7, 365 days a year coverage, meaning in the event of a disaster your calls can be handled even if you can’t access your office building or if your main telephone network goes down.

Don’t let the bad weather affect your customer service levels; speak to us for a quote on our Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Source: Call Centre Helper

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