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A Decade of Success

STUART GORDON, Finance Director of Ansaback and IPPlus PLC, has celebrated his tenth anniversary this month working for the Suffolk-based corporation, based on Ransomes Europark.

Stuart joined the organisation in 2000, following a wide-reaching and varied career as a Financial Officer, in and around Suffolk.

He initially joined COUNTYWeb (as IPPlus was then known) to be part of the “phase”, and felt it would be something historical he could share with his children one day. However, as we all know, the internet was most definitely not a “phase” and ten years on, he’s still here!

COUNTYWeb was an internet-based company whose primary focus was developing online business directories, however it has since evolved into IPPlus with three primary divisions; Ansaback (purchased in 2001), CallScripter and IP3 Telecom.

Following the purchase of Ansaback, Stuart is in fact the member of staff who took the initial sales call that led to the development of our own in-house software, CallScripter. CallScripter is now an internationally-known scripting application with installs in over 20 countries.

Stuart, commenting on his time so far with IPPlus, said: “I have had a thoroughly enjoyable time working within this organisation, and I can’t believe how fast the last ten years have gone by. I have had the pleasure of working alongside a delightful and impressive team, and can’t wait for the next ten!”

William Catchpole, Managing Director of IPPlus, said: “Stuart has been an invaluable asset to our company, and many of the changes and enhancements over the years would not have happened without his support and dedication. Always calm in a crisis, Stuart is unflappable and the source of many pearls of wisdom. I look forward to his continued success.”

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