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Customer Experience at EVERY touchpoint

4 Steps to a better experience – It is often forgotten by even the most well designed and crafted Customer Experience Design companies that a large number of clients outsource their sales or customer service functions to third parties. These in turn get overlooked when it comes to training, time, effort and focus in ensuring the outsourcer can deliver the required experience.

We all know that especially in retail, the world has gone through dramatic change in the last 100 years and even more dramatic change in the past 3 years. The omni-channel is here and here to stay, with mobile, web, and every other imaginable channel being tested by an ever increasingly savvy consumer with ever growing expectations. Good customer service is no longer a differentiator; a great individual experience that makes the consumer ‘feel’ great is. Unfortunately, some outsource contact centres are seen simply as a function, a process, a necessary evil in some cases. Companies still miss the fact that each and every customer touchpoint is a test of the whole service organisation and therefore the brand promise.   The vast investments in advertising, promotions, manufacturing, marketing, and selling are challenged when a customer and whoever represents you make a connection. That one experience will be the memory the customer has of your company and will drive one of two reactions, come back and buy more, or tell their entire community how bad you are.

The only way to succeed is to deliver the kind of experience that affirms the company’s brand promise. In the outsource contact centre, revenue is made and lost every day not on price or performance, but by the quality of the customer experience, customer by customer.  This is the huge responsibility we put on an individual agent; but that is exactly the point we must make; managing the customer experience is all about taking responsibility for customer satisfaction at the front-line and ensuring the whole organisation and its management support that delivery. There are some simple steps to ensure your outsourcer delivers the experience you desire.

1. When defining the experience, involve them in the discussion. Get their view on what they can bring to the party and what they need from you to succeed.
2. Process-map every possible eventuality in the possible interactions, whether that is a phone call, social medial, email or even a letter.
3. Build a training plan; match the agent skills to your desired experience and train, train, train.
4. Consistently monitor and measure the experience through consumer experience metrics such as net promoter score.

The best contact centres can do this for you and challenge you to improve by giving them the tools to do the job. This is a collaborative engagement not just a simple outsource service agremement. Integrate your outsourcer with the rest of your business and see the results in increased sales, customer retention and improved net promoter scores.

Ansaback is a UK based, Customer Experience Contact Centre that operates 24/7/365 for international and local clients delivering their customer experiences every minute of every day.

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