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Creating a Fun Contact Centre Environment


Here at Ansaback we like to make work as enjoyable as possible, after all we spend a large amount of time at work. Our recent updates to the Contact Centre floor have made the surroundings of our work space more personal and homely. Here are some ideas that might inspire you!


Our welcoming reception area is professional and warm, so that both our staff and guests feel relaxed and at home as soon as they enter the building.

One of our favourite new features is the ‘stars of Ansaback’ walls we have around the building. We have a wall dedicated to selfies, one for our pampered pets and one showcasing the special talents of our staff.

reception area

Ansaback care about the welfare and happiness of the staff and their values and beliefs. This is why we supply free fruit and take a strong stand point on recycling, providing appropriate recycling points throughout the building. We also have some motivational quotes on the walls for a pick me up on those ‘tough day’ moments.


As for staff empowerment, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive in-house training via the Ansaback academy to get our new recruits up and running as quick as we can. Training is ongoing so advisors are constantly improving their skill set and opening doors to new opportunities for themselves.

We use the best call management technology available, developed in-house so performance is unparalleled. This accessibility to their work tools coupled with our open door policy means that Customer Care Advisors can always access the knowledge and support they need to excel in their role.

We are using social media channels to improve relationships within the workplace. The team at Ansaback are a lively lot and we are always up for a night out or a pub quiz!


Watch this space for further work environment improvements!

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Posted on April 21, 2016 @ 3:31 pm by Ansaback


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